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CNKI Reference Works is an accurate, authoritative and reliable online search platform for Chinese reference books.

CNKI Reference Works has long-term cooperation with more than 120 publishing houses such as Shanghai Lexicographical Publishing House, The Commercial Press, ZHONGHUA Book Company, etc., bringing together more than 12,000 reference books, more than 20 million entries, and more than 1 million pictures. CNKI Reference Works is composed of three sub-databases: Chinese Pavilion, Professional Pavilion and Encyclopedia Pavilion.

CNKI Reference Works has the following characteristics:

The content source is authoritative and reliable. The reference books included are compiled by authoritative experts and published on paper by publishers, and readers can feel free to cite for reference.
Rich data, complete system, and resources covering various fields.
Efficient retrieval supported by full-text digitization. The full-text digitization of paper content and an efficient full-text retrieval system completely break through the limitations of traditional reference books in terms of retrieval.
In-depth data mining. Featured search functions such as image and table search have been developed to help readers make better use of reference books.
CNKI Knowledge node association. Links are established with CNKI academic journals, doctoral and master's dissertations, conference papers, newspapers, yearbooks, patents and other products, enabling jump reading of related items in different databases.

CNKI Reference Works is published, developed and distributed by China Academic Journals (CD Edition) Electronic Publishing House Co., Ltd. It is an important part of the "China Knowledge Resources Database", "Eleventh Five-Year" National Major Network Publishing Project and "Eleventh Five-Year" National Key Electronic Publications Planning Topics.

Since the establishment of the project in March 2006, the users of CNKI Reference Works have developed all over the world, with an average daily search volume of 1 million times. It has become an important tool for people to seek knowledge and a fast channel for overseas scholars to study Chinese issues and understand Chinese culture.